Dusseldorf - Bad Reichenhall (Germany)

Will Dommel
Micheline Heusch Dommel

Wilhelm Dommel, diplomat-architect and his wife,  Micheline (Chinette) Heusch Dommel, conceived the idea of creating a world of scaled-buildings from Germany's and some of the world's notable landmarks.    This remarkable engineering project and design park was called "Minidomm" and completed around 1962.

The park was situated at the highway intersection of DŘsseldorf-Essen-K÷ln (Germany) on a wide swamp which had to be stabilized with 14,000 wagon loads of gravel.

All of the famous buildings from Germany were reproduced in the scale of 1:25 at a cost of over DM 35 million (approximately USD 20 million at 2001 exchange rate).

Georg  Heusch Dommel
Heusch Genealogy
Neuschwanstein castle

Will and Chinette Dommel's son, Georg Dommel, managed the operation of the "Minidomm"  in the 1970's up to when it closed its doors in the early 1990's.  Some of the memorable scale models, amongst many,  were:

A) Bamberg Cathedral - the model was built in three years at a cost of about DM 250,000.

B) Berlin Olympic Stadium - which hosted the XI th Olympic Games in 1936.

C) Ulm Cathedral - one of the most beautiful work of gothic architecture.  It took seven years to build the model at a cost of DM 780,000.   Thousands of photographs had to be taken of the original cathedral in order to recreate an exact model.

D) Westfalian Hall in Dortmund - the original dome was erected in 1925 and was destroyed during World War II and was restored in 1955.

E) Zwinger of Dresden - a French style pavilion which originally built from 1711 to 1728.  The scale model was built within 6 years at a cost of DM 500,000

Minidom world also had a gourmet restaurant, together with a small hotel.  Georg Dommel managed a "drive-in" movie theater adjoining the Minidom property.  After leaving his management position, Mr. G. Dommel became the  C.E.O. of a precious stones and jewelry business

Ulm Cathedral
Zwinger of Dresden
Kran gate Danzig
Atomium Brussels

Photos: Konrad Weiss.
Information  based  on Georg  Dommel text


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