Residencia de los Señores Eduardo Hugo Heusch, Barcelona, España

This magnificent residence, named "Finca de los Pinos," was situated on the "Plaza de la Bonanova" in Barcelona was commissioned by Eduard Hugo Heusch after the turn of the 20 th century.

The grandeur of this house was inspired from the classical designs of the "Petit Trianon" in Versailles (France).  The decorations inside the residence incorporate many of the splendid themes from the Louis XV and Louis XVI architectural periods.

View from the front gate of the residence
Résidence de la famille Edouard Hugo Heusch, Barcelone, Espagne
Front elevation - Heusch house - Barcelona, Spain
Residence Heusch - built on the elegant lines of the Petit Trianon - Versailles
Les trois grâces - Finca de los Pinos, Barcelona, España

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Heusch family


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