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The Heusch family began manufacturing needles at the beginning of the 19 th century in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle), a leading center for industrial manufacturing in Germany.

After August Joseph Franz Anton Wilhelm Heusch (1807-1875) married Maria Louise Therese B. Kern in 1825 he started a needle factory with his father-in-law Joseph Gabriel Kern under the name of "Aug. Heusch & Kern."  In 1840 they added the production of "scratch" (kratzen in German) which are like brush-like bristles (shearing blades), widely used by the textile industry to smooth or produce special effects on fabric surfaces.   It is also used to shear desirable components from animal furs.   In 1846 steam engine power was brought to increase the efficiency of  their manufacturing operation.

When  Heusch and Kern separated in 1857, the needle manufacturing was abandoned.  However, August and his son continued  "scratch" manufacturing  under the name of "Aug. Heusch and Sohns."

Meanwhile, Ludwig August Hugo HEUSCH, a nephew of August J.F.A. Heusch (family genealogy tree) started a separate needle factory with Heinrich Butenberg (see photo below).   In 1877 "Butenberg & Heusch" took over the existing needle production facilities of Laurentz Jecker, who had in business since 1803.   Butenberg retired in 1896 and L. August Heusch became the sole owner of the factory which produced several types of needles and pins, including the popular "Conic Ey'd" needle and "Sphinx" steel pin.

The  "Hugo Heusch & Co." exported its products to France and Spain.   The Heusch family also owned a leather production company, "Rheinische Lederfabrik G.m.b.H."  in Eschweiler.  In 1931, under the leadership of Hugo Adolf  Theodor Heusch (August's son) the needle company expanded further by taking over the firm of "Carl Huhn & Co." which manufactured machine needles under the trademark of "Koenigs."   The "Hugo Heusch & Co." was sold to "Rheinische Nadelfabriken" in 1955.

In the early part of the 20 th century,  Eduard Hugo HEUSCH and Karl Hugo Heusch (Ludwig August Heusch's sons), opened a needle factory in Barcelona Spain under the name of "La Metalurgica Espa˝ola" (LME).    Later Eduard Heusch became the sole owner of LME and his brother Karl Heusch retained control in the "Hugo Heusch & Co" in Germany.

The "La Metal˙rgica Espa˝ola" production plant in Barcelona (Calle Numancia 45) manufactured:  sewing needles, pressure clasps, scarf-pins, hair pins, rivets, eyet-holes, safety-pins, thimbles, articles made from plastic molds, nylon zippers, thin lamination products, and steel stamping products.  LME manufactured under several trademark labels, including "Reine Victoria" and "El Dragon."

After Eduard Hugo HEUSCH died in 1937, his son Mauricio Fernand HEUSCH (1890-1963) became the President of LME up to his death in 1963.   Mauricio JosÚ Heusch (1927-2011) was appointed as President upon his father's death and managed the LME factory until 1978 when the  factory in Barcelona (Calle Numancia 45) was closed.   

Heusch Butenberg
Mauricio Heusch
Mauricio JosÚ Heusch
Butenberg Heusch
Heusch factory needles
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