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Eduard (Eduardo) HEUSCH SCHMAL was born in Aachen (Aix-La-Chapelle - Germany) on  January 13, 1865, the son of Ludwig August Hugo HEUSCH (1836-1908) and Klara SCHMAL Heusch (1847-1879).

The genealogy of the Heusch family can be traced to the XIII th century in the city of Limburg Germany and in the XIX th century in the city of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) Germany, known for the shrine of Charlemagne.

Eduard  Hugo Heusch with his brother, Karl Hugo Heusch, managed factories in Aachen under the names of Hugo Heusch & Co. and Hugo Heusch Eduard Sohn.

Before the end of the19th century, Eduard Heusch  moved to Paris (France), and founded a factory to produce simulated pearls under the name of Soci?t? des perles des Indes E. Heusch & Co..

At the beginning of the XX th century  Eduard Heusch established in Barcelona (Spain) a metallurgical factory, La Metal?rgica Espa?ola S.A.
(LME) which manufactured sewing needles, safety pins, zippers and other personal care articles under several trade names, including  El Dragon.

In Manacor, on the island of Mallorca (Spain), he founded the Ind?stria Espa?ola de Perlas Imitaci?n S.A. which manufactured simulated pearls.  After his death, his children renamed the pearl factory as "Perlas Majorica"  Majorica  (Majorica Pearls).   This trademark is known today worldwide for producing the finest simulated pearls.

As president of these two famous Spanish enterprises, Eduard Heusch was devoted to the betterment of his many loyal factory workers.   He was keenly interested in architecture and he commissioned a magnificent residence in Barcelona which was named  Finca del Pinar.

He married his first wife, Camille Pommereau (1868-1934) in Paris in 1887, and two children were born: Edouard C. Heusch (1889-1961) and Maurice F.  Heusch (1890-1963).

From his second marriage to Antonia Fernandez Rodriguez (1898-1981) five children were born (family tree):
Mar?a Mercedes (1914) Carlos (1924-1935), Hugo (1925-1931),  Manuela Consuelo Heusch (1927-1979) and Alberto Carlos Heusch (1932-2007).

Shortly after the Spanish civil war erupted in 1936, Eduard Heusch relocated temporarily to Germany with his two youngest children Consuelo-Manuela and Alberto.  Eduardo Heusch died in Bad Reichenhall May 7, 1937.

Perlas Majorica - Heusch
Majorica Pearls
Perlas Majorica - Heusch

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