Transport to Freedom - Raanana February 5, 2010
Theresiendstadt 1945

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Memorial and Concert for the 65th Anniversary

of the Salvation Train from Ghetto Theresienstadt to Switzerland
in the presence of
 Holocaust Survivors from this train

During  1944 Jean-Marie Musy held long and arduous negotiations with the German High Command to secure the release of 1,200 prisoners from Theresiendstadt.   Rabbi I. Sternbuch and Mrs. Recha Sternbuch of Montreux were the architects of the bold and daring plan to obtain the release of Jews from German concentration camps in exchange for 5 million Swiss francs.  This money had been donated by Jews in the United States of America and given to the "Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada." Read more.

A  commemoration and concert was held on February 5th 2010 at the Raanana Music & Art Center.  This special event  celebrated the "65th anniversary" of a train with 1,200 persons leaving from the Ghetto of Theresienstadt on February 5th 1945, bound for  Switzerland.
It was an event in the presence of many Holocaust survivors from Theresienstadt who were on the February 5th 1945 train

Raanana Symphonette - February 5th 2010
Transport  to Freedom - Raanana - February 5, 2010

PROGRAM - February 5, 2010

Reception  12:30 h     PHOTOS

Presence of the Holocaust Survivors     PHOTOS
- Introductions by
      Mr. Oded Breda, Director - Beit Theresienstadt
      Dr. Margalit Shlain, Councelor - Beit Theresienstadt

Allocutions                 PHOTOS
- Mr. Yaacov Guterman, Master of Ceremony
- MP Ze'ev Bielski, Knesset member (Kadima)
- MP Ophir Akunis, Knesset member, Chairman Economic Committee
- Mr. Walter Haffner, Swiss Ambassador in Tel Aviv
- Mr. Edouard Musy, grandson of  Jean Marie Musy,
   ex-President of Switzerland

Memorial Concert    PHOTOS
- Raanana Symphonette Orchestra
        under the direction of Maestro Omer M. Wellber
- The Israeli Opera's Opera Studio singers
- Arias of Freedom, Love and the Music played in Theresienstadt

Grateful appreciation to:

Mesdames Gutterman & Shapira, daughter and grand-daughter of Rabbi Isaac and Mrs. Recha. Sternbuch
Mr. Tsvi Cohen, Holocaust survivor and Feb. 5th 1945 train passenger

rit Fogel Shafran, Director Raanana Symphonette Orchestra , Mr. O. Wellber orchestra director
The Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, The Iraeli Opera's Opera Studio singers

Messieurs Y. Guterman, Master of Ceremony, O. Breda, Director Beit Theresienstadt.

Television Suisse Romande (TSR)   Messieurs Stéphane Amar (Jerusalem) & Melhili Malik - TSR correspondents

Embassy of Switzerland in Tel Aviv,  Mr. W. Haffner, Swiss Ambassador, Madame R. Schrenk, Cultural Attachée
Ministère des affaires étrangères - Bern - Switzerland

Copyrights, Photos and References

Beit Theresienstadt Remembrance Association - Israel.         Mr. Itzik Biran, Officiall Photographer
Raanana Music and Art Center - Israel                                                       TSR - Genève Switzerland
The family of Jean-Marie Musy - Switzerland

Raanana Muci and Art Center - 2a Palmach St.
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Transport to Freedom - Ra'anana February 5, 2010