Benoit Musy

Benoît Musy was born on December 13,  1917 in Bern (Switzerland).  His father, Dr. Jean-Marie Musy, was a Swiss federal councilor and  became President (1925-1930) of Switzerland.  His mother was Juliette Musy de Meyer, the daughter of  Jules and Maria de Meyer.

After graduating from secondary schools in Bern, Benoît Musy added to his academic credentials by attending a prestigious Swiss agronomy institution.  He received his agricultural engineer's diploma, and then served as a Lieutenant in the "number 4 squadron" of the Swiss air force:

From 1938 to 1948, he worked in the agriculture business.   In 1947, he was the first military skydiver and he obtained the number 2 licence.   As civil and Swiss military pilot, he logged over 1,700 landings.  He was also an accomplished horseman, skier and fencing enthusiast.

In 1944, during World War II, Benoit had accompanied his father, Jean-Marie Musy to Germany, to participate in negotiations to release 1,200 Jewish prisoners from concentration camps. Many times he risked his life to rescue prisoners of the Holocaust in Germany, and drove thirty thousand kilometers during eight months, in the most perilous circumstances.

Consuelo Heusch Musy
Moto Guzzi

From 1947 to 1953 Musy  raced Moto Guzzi motorcycles on a professional basis.  He was given the title of Swiss Champion (250 cc and 500 cc) six times in national and international races.

In 1950, he married Manuela Consuelo Heusch,  the daughter of  Eduard Hugo Heusch, an industrialist from Barcelona Spain.  Benoît and Consuelo (Chelo) had one child: Edouard-Jean.

Benoit and Consuelo Musy

In 1954 he purchased a Maserati (A6-GCS two litres) racing car.  He was the first Swiss racer to make the crossover from motorcycle to racing cars.  In 1955, after many first place finishes in international races with 150S and 200S Maseratis, he acquired a new Maserati 300S (3 litres).   Over the course of his brilliant racing career he won numerous first places in international competitions. 

Unfortunately, his life came to an end on the 7th of October 1956 at the steering wheel of a Maserati 200S in Montlhéry France.  The car's steering column broke while turning on a speed bank, and Benoît Musy could not control his car to avoid the accident.   

Trophés Maserati et Moto - Benoit Musy


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