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Pauline MUSY  (1880-1948),  was originally from Albeuve and  Grandvillard (FR Switzerland),  the daughter of Jules Musy (1844-1907) and  Louisa Thédy (1841-1909), whose family was originally from "Gressoney la Trinité," Italy.  Pauline Musy's brother, Jean-Marie MUSY (1976-1952),  became Swiss Federal Councillor in 1919, and was elected twice  President of Switzerland (1925-30).

Pauline MUSY married  Charles COMTE (1875-1962) and five children (see genealogical tree) were born:

1) Jean Joseph COMTE (1909-?) business man from Geneva (Switzerland).

2  Michel COMTE (1913-2004), industrialist in Lausanne.  He married Denise (Dody) Rime (1920-1999) and they  had four children: Dominique, François, Chantal et Christiane.  Michel celebrates his 90 years!

Pauline Musy Comte
Comte genealogy

3) Francis COMTE (1915-1942).

4) Robert COMTE (1918-1990), priest missionary in Africa.

5) Gérard COMTE (1921-1991), business man and restaurant owner in Fribourg (Suisse).

Dodi Comte
Dody  &  Michel Comte Famille Comte

Michel celebrates
 his 90 years

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