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Middes Switzerland

The Castle of Middes, situated in the Canton of Fribourg, was built in 1748-49 for Nicolas de Griset,  who was the bailiff (officer magistrate) of the city of Bulle (Switzerland).  Following the 1830 revolution in France, Madeleine Sophie Barat, rejoined  in Middes one of her religious sister who was taking refuge at the house of the Marquis Théodore de Nicolay.    Madeleine Barat first established the noviciate at Middes, then at the castle of Montet (Broye).

The Count of Boursetty lived in the castle in 1885 and later sold his half interest to Sir Richard de Samper in 1914.   (  The de Boccard family installed electricity in the chateau and occupied it until 1903.   The family of  Jean-Marie Musy, ex-President of Switzerland,   became owners of the castle of Middes from 1920-1945.

Some of the inhabitants of the castle of Middes said that, during several years,  they observed  a white figure

Middes - Switzerland

surrounded by a halo of light and that it was walking alone in silence. From this moment the legend of the "White Lady of Middes" (La Dame Blanche de Middes) began.   Could this be the spirit of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat?

Madeleine-Sophie Barat was born December 13, 1779 in Joigny -  France.  Thanks to her mother she received an exceptional education for a young girl of her period.   She learned ancient and modern languages, in addition to mathematics, astronomy, physics and geography.   Pious, Sophie decided to dedicate her life to God.  In 1800 Father Joseph Vain proposed to her to organize a school where children could be happy and learn.  The following year, the first school of the "Sacred Heart" (Sacré-Coeur) was founded in Amiens (France).    (

 In 1830 she set up the noviciate first in Middes, Montet, and following the Sonderbund war, the congregation moved to Kientzheim (Alsace).  Madeleine-Sophie died in Paris in 1865 at the Mother House of the congregation of the Sacred Heart.  She was beatified in 1908 and canonized in 1925 (

The 20th of November 1997, the owner of the castle of Middes alerted the police that his companion, a young lady aged 26 years old,  was missing, and that his estate had been burglarized.   During the search, the police found in the attic of the castle the body of the young woman who had been shot six times.
Le Temps, Swiss newspaper article:

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