Jean-Marie Musy and Julietta de Meyer
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In 1906 Jean-Marie MUSY, attorney in Bulle (Gruyère - Switzerland), married Miss Julietta de Meyer.

Julietta de Meyer's father, the Count Jules de Meyer, had just retired his duties as commander of the Fribourg Police Department (Switzerland).  Son of Antoine Meyer, pontifical Swiss guard under Greogry XVI, captain Jules Meyer had replaced his father in 1852 at 23 years old, under the banner of the King-Pope, Pius IX, at the Holy See.  He became a valiant soldier who distinguished himself during numerous wars that preceded the fall of the Pontifical State in 1870.  A famous encounter with Cairoli's  "Garibaldi fighters" earned Captain Meyer in 1867 his promotion to "Commander" and the medal of the "Order of Pius IX."  (Personal souvenirs of Count Jules de Meyer - Episode of the Garibaldi campaign against the Holy See - 1867.   Leo XIII bestowed the gratitude of the Church by conferring upon him the hereditary title of "Count."

Jean-Marie Musy's father, Jules Musy,  was the owner of the  "Hotel de l'Ange" (of the Angel) in Albeuve (Switzerland), renowned for its warm hospitality to travellers and its sumptuous meals.

In 1914 Jean Marie Musy was elected to the National Council in Bern.  He rapidly became one of the most competent representative from the French region (Romande) of Switzerland to the National Assembly in Bern.  In 1919, at the age of only 43 years old, he was elected Federal Councillor and devoted all of his strength to the arduous task as the head of the Finance and Customs Department.  Jean-Marie Musy was Vice-President in 1924 and elected President of Switzerland (Swiss Confederation) in 1925 and 1930.

Jean-Marie and Juliette Musy had seven children: Pierre, Marie-Christine,  Benoît,  Vérène, Luigi, Marie-Thérèse, and Christophe.

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