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Alfred Ferdinand Juste Marie Joseph Hubert van CAUBERGH was born on January 9, 1891 in Namur (Belgium).    Baron (1954), Lieutenant-General, honorary Aide-de-Camp  to the King, business administrator, Grand Officer of  Order of  Leopold, of the Order of the Crown and of the Order of  Léopold II, War cross 1914-18 with palm leaves, Fire cross, Yser cross, Grand Cross of the Equestrian Order of the St-Sepulcher of Jerusalem, Grand Officer of the Order of  Christ, o. Phoenix (Greece), o. Orange-Nassau (P-B), Commander of St-Gregory-the-Great, o. Danebrog (DK), o. Crown of Oak,  o. the Three Stars (Lett.) and of St-Sylvester, o. Legion of Honor, etc..

 Alfred van Caubergh was the son of  Alfred-Philippe and  Adèle Honorine Marie Joseph MASSART.  General van  Caubergh was bestowed the nobility title of "Baron" on May 12, 1931 and the allowance that the title to be transmitted by order to the first born son on April 9, 1954.Alfred  van Caubergh married Marcella Anna Maria de MEYER, daughter of Count Jules de Meyer and Maria Pocobelli,  on February 5, 1920 in Fribourg (Switzerland).   Marcella de Meyer was born in  Fribourg on May 27, 1891 and died July 1, 1942 in  Auderghem (Belgium).  There were 6 children born from the marriage of Alfred and Marcella Anna-Maria van Caubergh:  Philippe, Pierre, Marie-Madeleine, Servais, Sabine and Marie-Alberte.

After his wife, Marcella de Meyer, passed away in 1942, he married Gabrielle  Clémence Euphrasie Marie Cornélie SLINGENEYER de GOESWIN on July 6, 1943.   She was born on February 19, 1903 in Antwerp (Belgium), the daughter of Baron  André, Major-General and  Marie Hélène Euphrasie (Barons) COGELS, who had been a widow from her first marriage to  Paul-Emile Pierre Albert Schmidt.

Following the death of second wife, Gabrielle Slingeneyer, on October 21, 1953, Alfred van Caubergh married  Cécile BONAMY (Forest July 27, 1908- ?) on June 27, 1956, the daughter of   Paul and Marie-Thérèse DUMONT.

General Alfred van Caubergh died in Ixelles (Belgium) on April 14, 1972.

van Caubergh children and descendants
 from first marriage to Marcella Anna Maria de Meyer.

Alfred van Caubergh

     I.  Baron (1972) Philippe Alfred Marcel Ferdinand Marie Joseph van Caubergh,  Colonel B.E.M.  Armored Troupes, Honorary Aide de Camp to his Majesty the King  Léopold III, Commander Léopold of the Crown and Léopold II, Equestrian Commander of the St-Sepulcher of Jerusalem, Grand officer of the polar Star of Sweden, Commander of Saint Sylvester, War cross with palm leaves, cited to the order of the day by the British army, born in Watermael-Boitsfort the 11th of January 1921 and deceased in Braine l'Alleud on the 8th of August 2007.   He married on April 20, 1946  Christiane Marie Paule SCHMIDT,  born in Ixelles on April 7, 1925, daughter of  Paul-Emile, attorney-at- law, died for  Belgium and of Gabrielle Clémence Euphrasie Marie Cornélie SLINGENEYER de GOESWIN.

1. (Baron 2007) Jean-Christophe Pierre Paul Marcel Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born January 18, 1947 in  Bruxelles, Jurisprudence Doctor,   Business Administration diploma, Master of Business Administration and Management, Knight of the Crown, married on May 5, 1973 in Waterloo (September 8, 1973 in Warsaw), the Princess Maria JABLONOWSKA,  born in Warsaw on the September 1, 1950, daughter of  Prince Stanislaw Jablonowski and of  Zofia DOWGIALLO.  Jean-Pierre and Maria van Caubergh divorced in  1993.  He married for the second time on December 24 1994 in Ixelles (Belgium)  Hanna Krystyna JANKOWSKA,  born in  Wroclaw (Poland) September 30 1959, daughter of  Wladyslaw Jankowski and Sabina JENCZEWSKA.
Children (all from first marriage):

     a) Wanda
Sophie Marie Joseph van Caubergh, born in  Uccle on February 13, 1974, degree in Journalism.
         She married on  October 6, 2001 in Waterloo (Beauvechain - religious ceremony),  Raphaël Augustin Noël    VANDENBERGHEN, born in Uccle on November 22, 1973 and died  May 17, 2003 in Waterloo, son of Jacques and Danielle Borremans.
         She married for the second time in Genappe on February 16th 2008 Benoît Marie-Dominique Gilles GORTZ, born in Berchem Saint Agathe on January 22nd 1963, the son of Michel Julien-Henri Marie and Monique Marie Joseph Gilles PONCIN
          Child from the second marriage:
          i) Raphaël Barthélemy Oriane Gilles Görtz, born the 30th of July 2010

Barthélemy Philippe Charles Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born in Etterbeek on August 1, 1978.
Barbara Christiane Hélène Marie Joseph van Caubergh, born in  Etterbeek on November  2, 1979.

2. Françoise Gabrielle Andrée Alfred Marie Josèphe  van Caubergh, born in Bruxelles March 11, 1948 in Waterloon (Belgium), on August 28, 1971,  graduate registered pediatrics nurse.  She married  Philippe  Jean Marie Ghislain GOOSSENS, civil engineer, born in Jadotville (Belgium Congo) May 11, 1948, son of  Yvan François Ernest Ghislain and  Gabrielle Jeanne Marie Ghislaine GHINS.   Françoise and Philippe Goossens divorced  in 1981.  She married for the second time in Waterloo,  on April 28, 1982,  Ronald Marie Dominique Yves WAUCQUEZ, squire, Commercial Engineer, born in Bruxelles on October 7, 1937, son of  Gérard Marie Alphonse Emile, and of Catherine Auguste Maria Léon Joseph (daughter of the Baron) de BROUWER,  widower from his first marriage to Claudine Yvonne Suzanne Jeanne NICOLAÏ de GORHEZ.
Children (all from first marriage):

     a) Michaël Yvan Goossens,  born in Wilrijk, September 20, 1972, graduate in architectural design.
Children of Michaël and Françoise LEVECQ, born in Uccle on September 26, 1976:
         i) Guillaume Christophe Muriel Goossens, born in Braine l'Alleud on May 5th 208.
         ii) Basile François Catherine Goossens, bon in Braine l'Alleud on August 23rd 2010.

     b) Christophe  Thierry Goossens, born in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on November 24, 1974, law degree, specialization in fiscal rights, certified public accountant, attorney-at-law (JD).
Children of Christophe and Joan Christiane CARRETTE, born in Ixelles on January 4th 1976, daghter of Thierry and Michèle Aerts:
         i) Anaïs Goossens, born in Uccle on August 24, 2004.
         ii) Simon Goossens, born in Uccle on March 24, 2006.
         iii) Joachim Goossens, born in Uccle on February 18, 2009
         iv) Jérémie Gooosens, born in Uccle on March 24, 2010.

Gérald Benoît Georges Philippe Marie Joseph  van Caubergh, squire, born in Bruxelles February 12, 1951, Diploma in Commercial Sciences.   He married in  Ixelles, on May 27, 1978,  Claire Michèle Alberte  PRIN-DERRE, born in Nivelles December 2,  1953, daughter of  Robert Pierre and  Jacqueline Uranie Julienne FRENOY.
Sacha Bruno Philippe Gérald Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born in  Braine l'Alleud on May 15, 1981. He married in Dôle (France), on May 26, 2012, Anne FIORE, born on July 22, 1981, the daughter of René FIORE and Christianne RIANDET.
      i) Zoé Emma Laure Anne Marie Joseph van Caubergh, born in Namur on June 18, 2013.

Benoît Christophe François Gérald Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born in Braine l'Alleud on March 20, 1983.

Anne-Catherine Jacqueline Gilberte Christiane Joseph Marie van Caubergh, born in Bruxelles on April 19, 1961.   She married in Saint-Gilles on May 23, 1992 (divorced)  Philippe Claude GEERTS, born in Bruxelles, July 27,1958, son of  Louis and Anna BAUS.
     a)  Thomas Julien Michaël Geerts,  born in  Bruxelles on July 22, 1993.
     b)  Arthur  Romain Barthélemy Philippe Geerts,  born in Bruxelles on July 13, 1995.
     c)  Elise Camille Barbara Alexandra Geerts, born in Bruxelles on January 6, 2000.

     II. Pierre Albert Laurent Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, Diploma from the Colonial  University of Belgium, Business Administrator,   Reserve Lieutenant honorary of the Armored Cavalry, Knight of the Crown.   Born in Watermael-Boitsfort, the  13 of March 1922 and died in Wilrijk on October 27, 1978.    He married in Anvers, on August 30,  1951, Francine Julie Paule, Marie Louise BAELDE, born on October 10, 1923, died in Wilrijk on May 14, 1996, daughter of  Marcel Jean Joseph Marie, Exchange Agent and d'Henriette Anne Jeanne AERTS.

1. Pierre Marcel Henri a.k.a.  Pierre-Henri  van Caubergh, squire,  born in Uccle on June 28, 1952,  Diploma in Commercial and Financial Sciences, .    He married in   Schaerbeek, on July 28  (23 September) 1978 (divorced),  Cécile Marie Jacques Joseph, a.k.a. Marie-Cécile  EECKHOUT, born in  Knokke on April 18, 1958, daughter of  François Marie Bernard Gérard Joseph, and  Suzanne Laure Eveline DELACROIX.  Pierre-Henri and Marie-Cécile van Caubergh divorced.
Pierre-Olivier Baudouin Véronique van Caubergh, squire, born in  Etterbeek November 6, 1980.
     b) Virginie Régine Francis Marie Joseph van Caubergh, born in Etterbeek April  27, 1983.
     c) Charlotte van Caubergh, born in 1990.
     d) Céline  van Caubergh, born June 11, 1992.

2. Baudouin François Marcel Hubert van Caubergh, squire, born in Wilrijk, July 5, 1955, Diploma in Law,  Master in international and comparative law, .    He married in  Anvers, on November  8  (29 Nov.) 1980, Hélène Jeanne Antoinette du BOIS de VROYLANDE, born in New York September 16, 1959, daughter of  Daniel Paul Alice Claude Marie Ghislain, squire, Juriprudence Doctorate, and of Denyse Gabrielle Jacqueline Ghislaine CHEREQUEFOSSE.
Simon  Pierre Martin Cécil van Caubergh, squire, born in Uccle on August 24, 1985.
Alice Eric Patricia van Caubergh, born August 3, 1987.

3. Patricia Ariane Louise Camille van Caubergh, born in Wilrijk May  23, 1961, History Diploma.  She married in Wilrijk on June 6, 1986 the Knight  Philippe  Roger Alain  de HARLEZ de DEULIN, commercial engineer, company auditor,  born in Ottignies on November 22, 1960, son of the Knight  Albert Claude Léon Marie Joseph Ghislain  and  Régine  Marguerite Ghislaine Robert Thérèse de THOMAZ de BOSSIERE.
     a) Kinght 
Renaud   Claude Francine Pierre Régine Harlez de Deulin, born in Uccle on October 9, 1988.
     b) Knight 
Romain   Ariane Pierre Régine Harlez de Deulin, born in Uccle on January 9, 1991.
     c) Ysaline  Baudouin Nadine  Pierre Régine  Harlez de Deulin, born in Uccle on October 8,1993.

     III. Marie Madeleine Clarisse Jeanne Bénédicte van Caubergh,  born in Auderghem, December  9, 1927 and died in Bruxelles May 27, 1955, social worker.

     IV. Servais Alfred Jules Fernand Marie Joseph  van Caubergh, squire, born in  Auderghem, December 30, 1930 and died on June 7, 2008 in Etterbeek.   He married in Bruxelles on October 10, 1956, Marie-Monique Georgette Anne MAUS, born in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, on November  1, 1927 and deceased in Woluwé Saint-Lambert on the 31th of October 2007, the daughter of  Faustin Marcel Eugène, and Simone Clothilde Adolphine Camille Fernande Emmanuelle Marie PATERNOSTRE.

1. Amaury Georges Eugène Servais Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born in Bruxelles August 24,  1960, Diploma in Law, accredited in legal and economic insurance rights, Management Diploma.   He married in Aoluwe-Saint-Lambert on October 16, 1989  Anne-Frédérique  Louise Lucienne Antoinette DENECKER, born in Gand on December 9, 1965, daughter of  Louis Joseph Fernand, public prosecutor of the King in Courtrai and Brigitte Simonne Auguste Hélène MAES.
Children :
     a) Rodolphe Amaury Servais Laurent Olivier Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert on October 21, 1991.
Wauthier Amaury Reginald Jacques-Emmanuel Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born in  Woluwe-Saint-Lambert on August 26, 1993.
     c) Alexandre Amaury Louis Isabelle Dominique Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert on April 20, 1995.
     d) Grégoire  Amaury Lucien Catherine Guillaume Marie Joseph van Caubergh, squire, born in Uccle on June 29, 2001.

2. Isabelle Marie Xavière van Caubergh, Diploma in Commercial Sciences, born in Bruxelles June 3, 1963.    She married in Woluwe Saint Lambert on August 31, 1986 (divorced)  Xavier  Jean Marie GHION, born in Schaerbeek on May 5, 1961, son of Jean-Marie and Jacqueline Coupez.

     a) Florence  Geneviève Benoite Ghion, born November 20, 1992.
Geoffroy Xavier Louis Ghion, born May  23,  1994.
Bénédicte Brigitte Christiane Ghion, born April  5, 1996.
Marie-Astrid Ghion, born in 2000.

3. Geneviève Marie Danielle van Caubergh, born in Bruxelles February 19, 1965, kinesiologist.   She married in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert on September 2, 1989,  Count  Guibert Daniel Marie de MEEÜS d'ARGENTEUIL, born in Etterbeek on August 2, 1963, son of the Count Jacques Xavier Georges and Ghislaine de WAUTIER.
Children :

     a) Count Renaud  Meeûs d'Argenteuil, born June 12, 1992.
     b) Eléonore  Meeûs d'Argenteuil, born September 20, 1994.
     c) Count Servais  Benoît Meeûs d'Argenteuil, born in Etterbeek on June 25, 1996.
     d) Géraldine  Meeûs d'Argenteuil, born December 11, 1998.

     V. Sabine Marcelle Françoise Paule Marie Josèphe van Caubergh, born in Auderghem on September  30, 1930.   She married in  Bruxelles, September  26  (29 September) 1956, Pàl AASS,  PhD in Economics, born in Putney (London county GB), on October 7, 1928, son of  Thomas Valentin and  Ingeborg HORN.

1. Didrik  Peder Paal Aass, born in Ixelles on March 23, 1960.   He married in 1991 Annick   Andrée Renée Marie Ghislaine GRISAR at Corroy-le-Château, born in Uccle on August 19, 1960, the daughter of Yves and the Baroness Isabelle   d'OVERSCHIE de NEERYSSCHE.

     a) Harald  Anton Tomas Aass, born July  21, 2000.
     b) Emmerik Peder Anton Aass, born September 29, 2004.
2. Jérôme Fredrik Aass,  born in Uccle on October 7, 1963, Diploma in Law, Diploma in international public law.  On January 11, 2003 in Villers-la-Ville, he married Catherine Wilhemine Micheline LION-FORT, born in Etterbeek on November 27,1971, Bachelor of Arts in commercial and fnancial sciences, daughter of Léonard Heinrich and Marie-Claire Margareta Herman Emilia Hendrika MELIS

      a) Valentine Aass, born April 9, 2006.
      b) Roald Aass, born August 11, 2008.

     VI. Marie-Alberte Camille Jeanne Jitka Marcella van Caubergh, born in Auderghem, June 24, 1934.    She married in Bruxelles, September 7, 1960, Edouard-Emmanuel Abel Marie René   MOTTE (surnamed) FALISSE,   born in Liège, April 20,  1935, Civil Mining  Engineer, son of  René Léon Marie, and  of Anne Marie Juliette RUTTEN.

1. Jean-Sébastien  Anne Alfred Emmanuel MOTTE (surnamed) FALISSE, born January 27, 1962 in Liège, Accredited in applied economic sciences, comptroler of enterprises.    He married in Uccle on June 20, 1987  Marie-Pierre  Paule Ghislaine MINET, accredited in applied economic sciences, born in Aderlecht on July 26, 1962,  the daughter of Jean-Claude and Geneviève HOLLEBECK.
Children :

     a) Camille Anne Marie Geneviève Nicolas Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born September 12, 1991.
     b) Martin  Charles Marie Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born November 9, 1993.
Louis Pierre Dominique Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born March 29, 1999.

2. Augustin Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born in Etterbeek on December 31, 1964.    He married in Brussels on October 31, 1989 Sylviane  DOR,  born in Gand on January 30, 1965,  the daughter of  Christian and Eveline  DELORI.

Arthur   Georges Thierry Marie Ghislain Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born in Woluwe-St-Lambert on February 25, 1998.
Achille   Sébastien Marie Ghislin Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born in Woluwe-St-Lambert on May 14,  2000.
     c) Lucie Isabelle Marie Ghislaine Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born  in Woluwe-St-Lambert on July 10, 2001.

3. Nicolas  Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born in Uccle on February 18, 1968.  He married in Tourinnes-la-Grosse on April 23, 1994 (divorced), Brigitte de HONTHEIM, born in Uccle on August 16, 1968, the daughter of Knight Roger and Marie Ange RITTWEGER de MOOR.

     a) Tom Joëlle Benoit Marie Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born in Etterbeek on April 5, 1997.
     b) Charlie Virginie Pierre Marie Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born in Etterbeek on Febuary 6, 2000.
     c) Rosalie Florence Aranaud Brigitte Marie Motte (surnamed) Falisse, born in Etterbeek on May 12, 2001.

Famille van Caubergh

The genealogical information on the "van Caubergh" family was kindly provided by  Mr.  Jean-Christophe van Caubergh,
grandson of Baron General van Caubergh - Belgium                    


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