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Family of Xavier and Gabrielle de Meyères [de Meyer]

Xavier de Meyères (de Meyer)
Gabrielle de Gottrau de Meyères
Régis de Meyères
Isabelle de Meyères (de Meyer)
Marie Valentine Ody de Meyer

François Xavier de MEYERES [de Meyer]  (1908-1970)

Son of Pio (1871-1965) de MEYER and Marie Louise Claire Henriette BLONDEL (1978-1956), born in Leysin (Canton of Vaud - Switzerland), marries  Gabrielle de GOTTRAU (1916-1978) from Granges.  Two children were born from the union of Xavier and  Garielle de Meyer:  François - Régis de Meyer (1953) and Isabelle de Meyer (1957-1979).

Xavier de Meyer:  Jurisprudence Doctor; Political Sciences, studied at the  the Abbey of St-Marice (VS) and Einsiedeln (SZ) - Switzerland.  Ex President of the Swiss Catholic Society of "Sarinia" of the University of Fribourg Switzerland.  Career diplomatic: Head of mission (chargé d'affaires), overseeing  Swiss military attachés connected to Swiss diplomatic missions  in Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Portugal, twice in Bulgaria and the USSR.  Specialist relating to matters connected with the Communist World.  Received congratulations from the American and British Governments for protecting the vested interests of their Embassies and for representation services provided by Switzerland.

Count de Meyer (1965) by hereditary transfer order of first born male.  Leo XIII conferred the nobility title to Xavier de Meyer's grandfather, Jules de MEYER.

Gabrielle de GOTTRAU de MEYERES [de Meyer]  (1916-1979)

The family of Gabrielle de Gottrau is patrician from  Fribourg (Switzerland); linked by her mother Marie am RHYN, to one of the oldest aristocratic Helvetic (Swiss) families, united to the princely Caracciolo family from Naples (Italy).Mrs. de Meyer studied at the Urslulines Academy and finished her music conservatory in Fribourg (Switzerland).

During the entire second world war, she collaborated with the Red Cross, working in the ambulance division, in the refugees office and for the "Swiss Catholic Mission," helping war victims.  "Gaby" was also an active member of the Catholic Action (J.I.C.F.), a member of of Amnesty International, militant of the Féminine Suffrage adopted the 11th of February 1971, accompanied the Pélerinage Romand of the sick to Lourdes, Honorary President of the "Groupe folklorique des bourgeois et bourgeoises de Fribourg," and member of the  "Quadrille fribourgeois."  She married Xavier de MEYER, the son of  Count Pio de Meyer.  They had two children: François Régis de Meyer (1953) et Isabelle de Meyer (1957-1979).

François Régis de Meyères [de Meyer]

Born in Zürich Switzerland (1954), interior design architect, graduate diploma from the C.E.V. Geneva (ASAI), direct assistant to the "Team Didier Beyeler" Interiors, with mandates in Switzerland and in Europe, designer for several architectural agencies, real estate promoters and industrial designers.  Medical assistant, sterilization specialist, at the service of General Staff of the Swiss military troops.  Benevolent associate with "Pharmacists without Borders" (Humanitarian  Assistance  Organization) in Montpellier (France).  He married Emannuelle DING, marriage annulled by official decree from the Inter-diocese in 2010.

Nobility concession granted in 1970, title of Count, by transmission of first male born,  originally from Oeschgen (canton of Argau – Switzerland). Affiliated with the RNP, reunion of Pontifical nobility.  Member of the AFS,  Association of Swiss families. Son of  Xavier de MEYERES [Meyer] (1908-1970), Jurisprudence Doctor,  and of  Gabrielle de GOTTRAU (1916-1979), grandson of medical Dr. Pio de MEYER (1871-1965), great-grand-son of Count Jules de MEYER (1829-1907), pontifical officer at the service of his Holiness Pope Pius IX.

Member of the Order of Malta (Switzerland), first leader and co-founder in 1986 of  the SHOMS (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) in Fribourg, resided at the château of Fégely in  Prez-vers-Noréaz - FR (designated a historic monument in 1969).

He completed his studies at the St. Michel College in Fribourg (Switzerland) and at the St. Louis College in Corsier-Genève.  Former Carthusian monk postulant to the order of the "Carthusian abbey of the Valsainte," founded in 1295 by Giard I, lord of Corbière, early county of Gruyère.

Isabelle de MEYERES [de Meyer] (1957-1979)

(1957-1979) Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, associate of the "Institut du Château de Seedorf" (Noréaz, Fribourg – Switzerland), professional development and service center with specialization focusing on handicapped children.

Daughter of  Xavier de MEYERES [Meyer] (1908-1970) Jurisprudence Dr.,  and Gabrielle de GOTTRAU (1916-1979)and sister of François Régis de Meyères [Meyer].  She passed away one day before her mother Gaby.

Xavier, Régis, Gabrielle, Isabelle
de Meyer coat of arms

Xavier, Régis, Gabrielle, Isabelle de Meyères

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Marie-Valentine ODY  de MEYERES [de Meyer]

Born in 2003 in Riaz (FR) Switzerland, she is the daughter of Count Régis de Meyères and Nicole ODY, descendant from an old Gruyère family from Vaulruz.

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