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Pierre & Yula de Meyer -  family photos

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Pierre & Yula de Meyer

Pierre, Yula & family de Meyer

Pierre & Christian de Meyer

Yula de Meyer & Christian de Meyer

Charles de Meyer

Pierre de Meyer



Short Biography:

Pierre de Meyer (1926-1997), professor in mathematics, physics and chemistry.  In 1947 he was hired by the "Beau Soleil College"  in Villars (Vaud) Switzerland.  Pierre de Meyer purchased the Beau Soleil College in 1959  and became its Director (www.beausoleil.ch).

He married  Yula TAM in 1962 and nine children were born from this union:  Patricia, Jérôme, Valérie, Caroline, Stéphanie, Julien, Sophie, Adrien and Charles "de Meyer."

Pierre was a acomplished sportsman and founded the "Fribourg Olympic Basket" team.   He was also President of the "Tourism Office" in Villars during 14 years, city representative and mayor of the town of Ollon for six years.

In 1991 Mr. de Meyer passed his post as Director of the college in Villars to his eldest son Jérôme de Meyer.  

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