Jules de Meyer, Pontifical Officer 1852-70


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Jules de Meyer - Pontifical Officer
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Jules de Meyer (1829-1907) distinguished himself  as a Pontifical officer under the banner of the Holy See  during the battles of Castelfidardo, Mentena and Rome (1860-70).   His father, Antoine Meyer, was a member of the Great Council of Argovie, Switzerland and "citizen with honours" of Bologna and Ferrara, Italy.  Antoine Meyer had also been an officer in the Swiss Guard at the service of the Vatican under Gregory XVI.and was wounded during the battle of Vicenza in 1848.

Jules Meyer was promoted from captain to "Commander" after he fought bravely against Cairoli's Garibaldis in 1867 (Episode of the campaign).   He defended the Saint-John gate with his batallion against the attack of the Italian armies in 1870.  In order to avoid further bloodshed, Pope Pius IX gave the order to cease fire.

Pius IX decorated Commander Meyer with the "Cavalier of the Order of Pius IX,"  of "St. Gregory the Great,"  of "St. George of the Right" and of "St. Sylvester."  In 1870 Pope Pius IX also gave him "rights of citizen of Rome."  A few years later, Pope Leo XIII bestowed the title of "Count" to Jules de Meyer.  Jules de Meyer was the commandant of the Fribourg (Switzerland) Police Department from 1882-1902.

In 1870 Jules de Meyer married Maria POCOBELLI (1850-1930), her familly originally from "Melide" Tessin Switzerland (Cisalpine Republic before 1803).  The mother of Maria Pocobelli, María Gertrudis Restituta MUÑOZ was related to Agustín Fernando MUÑOZ, Duke of Riansares and morganatic husband of H.M. Queen María Cristina, widow of King Fernando VII of Spain.  Jules and Maria (Pocobelli) de Meyer had eleven children  family tree:

Pio de MeyerCharles de Meyer,   Louis de MeyerLéo de Meyer,   Julietta de Meyer, Laura de Meyer, Marietta de Meyer,   Léonina de MeyerMarcella Anna-Maria de Meyer, Bianca de Meyer, and Marcella de Meyer (1886-1888). 


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