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Pierre Musy

Pierre-Joseph MUSY was born in 1808 in Grandvillard (Switzerland) and when he married Marie- Marguerite Castella he also became a citizen of Albeuve.  He was the prefect (magistrate) of Gruyère (1857-1873) and presided the Great Council in 1886 up to his death in 1888.

Pierre defined his political belief by saying: "I am governmental before all."  The Hotel de l'Ange in Albeuve became property of the Musy family when Pierre married Marie- Marguerite.  The Auberge de l'Ange always welcomed travelers and was known for its restaurant at a time in history when the Fribourg railway had not reached the higher valley of the Sarine river.  This hotel was destroyed in 1886 by a terrible fire which ravaged a large portion of the town of Albeuve.

Jean-Marie Musy Jean-Marie Musy - Albeuve
Auberge de l'Ange Albeuve
Albeuve Switzerland

Pierre Musy's son, Jules Musy married Louisa THEDY, who was a citizen of Enney in Gruyère - Switzerland.  They had two children: Jean-Marie and Pauline MusyJean-Marie Musy, who was to become twice President of Switzerland, was born in Albeuve April 10, 1876.

In 1976, the town of Albeuve (Gruyère) erected a fountain to render homage to Jean-Marie Musy (1876-1952).

Cows coming down from the mountain pastures Hotel de l'Ange - Albevue Switzerland

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