Grandvillard Switzerland


The quaint village of Grandvillard is located in the beautiful valley of Gruyère (Switzerland).  The name of "Grandvillard" is derived from Latin:  "villa" to describe a "grand" house in the country or a group of houses. (Small Historic and Touristic  Guide to Grandvillard page 3)

The Musy family is originally from Grandvillard since the XV century (family tree).   Records reveal that André Musy, under the command of Count Louis de Gruyères, fought on the side of the Swiss Confederation at the battle of Morat in 1492.

When Pierre Joseph Musy married Marie- Marguerite Castella he also became a citizen of Albeuve.  He was the prefect (magistrate) of Gruyère (1857-1873) and presided over the Great Council in 1886 up to his death in 1888.

Jean-Marie Musy,  the grandson of Pierre Joseph Musy, was elected twice President of Switzerland in 1925 and 1930.



"O Grandvillard, au coeur de la Gruyère.  Nous les aimons, tes toits de bardeaux gris.  Tes noirs sapins leur font un cadre austère, mais à leurs pieds, paisible, tu souris".  (Chanoine Joseph Bovet)

"O Grandvillard, at the heart of Gruyère.  We love them, your grey roof shingles.  Your black fir trees make it an austere outline, but at its feet, peaceful, you smile (Canon Joseph Bovet)."

Jean-Marie Musy's eldest son, Pierre Musy was an outstanding sportsman winning many equestrian events, together with an "Olympic Gold Medal,"  in the 4 man bobsled 1936 event.
Another of Jean-Marie's sons, Benoît Musy, was a Swiss motorcycle champion and raced Maserati on a professional basis.  

Grandvillard Switzerland
Vanil Noir Grandvillard

In 1819 thirty people from Grandvillard, together with other Swiss compatriots, boarded a ship to reach the vast fields of Brazil.  After a long and difficult trip, these families founded "New Fribourg" (Nova Friburgo) in Brazil.  Amongst the people making the journey to Brazil were two Musy families from Grandvillard.  Mr.  José Carlos Ferreira Barboza MUZY, descendant of Jean Antoine Musy and Marie Françoise Véronique Baudevin Musy researched extensively the history of his family in Brazil.   The other Musy family to settle in Brazil was Jean Baptiste Musy and his wife Marie Agnès Musy Bodevin.

Pierre Musy


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