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Nova Friburgo - Brazil

In 1818 King D. John VI authorized the entry into Brazil of Swiss immigrants from the state (canton) of  Fribourg (Switzerland).   The parish was given the name of "São João Batista de Nova Friburgo" (Saint John the Baptist of New Fribourg) and was founded in 1820.

In 1819,  Jean-Baptiste MUSY and Jean-Antoine MUSY, two families from Grandvillard (Gruyère Switzerland) arrived in Brazil.  In 1824, 342 German immigrants and other parts of the world arrived and worked the land which is favorable for its climatic conditions.    Today, Nova Friburgo (RJ) has 170,697 inhabitants with a total area of 935 square kilometers.


Nova Friburgo
Nova Friburgo - Brazil

The family of Jean Baptiste Musy was the first to reach Nova Friburgo (Brazil) in 1819.  Jean Baptiste Musy was a field worker in Grandvillard in 1811, and later a shoemaker in 1818.  His wife, Marie Agnès Baudevin Musy was a worker.  They were 11 people to make the trip aboard the ship "Daphné."  During the transatlantic ocean crossing, unfortunately, they lost 4 of their children:  Joseph, Alexandre, Marie-Cécile and André Musy.

The Musy families lived primarily in Catagalo because of the coffee plantations in its region.

The second Musy family,  with Jean Antoine Musy and his wife Françoise Véronique Baudevin Musy, also from Grandvillard (Gruyère)  reached Brazil on November 30, 1819.  He was a distillery worker in 1818 and his wife a textile worker.

Nova Friburgo -  RJ - Brazil
Muzy family from Brazil - Photos

Thank you to Mr. José Carlos Ferreira Barboza Muzy (Nova Friburgo - Brazil), descendant of  Jean Antoine Musy and Françoise Véronique Baudevin Musy,  for providing extensive genealogical information on the history of his family who immigrated in 1819 from Grandvillard (Switzerland) to Brazil.  Many thanks also to Vicar Paul Chollet and Gentlemen Henri Musy and Patrice Borcard , editor-in-chief of the newspaper "La Gruyère" and the Reverend Jacob Joye
 of Nova Friburgo, Brazil.

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