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Luigi Musy (1922-1991), Swiss sportsman (equestrian) and son of the ex-President of Switzerland Jean-Marie Musy.  In 1950 he  married Ms. Claude Couard from Geneva (CH), the daughter of "Commander" Georges and Mrs. Couard.

Luigi Musy started studying at the College St. Michel in Fribourg (Switzerland) and then at the Univeristy of Fribourg where he obtained his doctorate in Law.  After working several years, in 1949 he became the director of the "Credit Gruérien" Bank in Bulle. In 1957 he was appointed director of the "Union Bank of Switzerland" in Fribourg (Switzerland). He remained at this post until 1987 when he retired.

He was an accomplished sportsman and won several equestrian titles.  President of the "Helvetic Association of the Order of Malta," Luigi Musy headed several organizations in Fribourg, notably the  "Museum of Art and History" in 1984. The "Order of Malte Hospitalier" (Saint - Jean  de Jérusalem)  bestowed the honors of:  "Grand-Croix d'Obédience" and "Grand-Croix au Mérite" to Luigi Musy.

In his commune of residence,  Farvagny-le-Petit, he occupied the post of mayor during two terms, from his election in 1983.

Luigi and Claude Musy (see genealogical tree) had four children: Jean-Marie (Order of  Malta Ambassador in Madrid), Georges, Benoît  and Antoine.

Luigi Musy
Luigi Musy duque of Zaehringen
Luigi Musy

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