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Mollie, Mausie, Horace, Erna MENDE
Mende residence Bern Suisse - now Russian embassy
Horace, Elsie, Mollie, Erna Mende
Mollie, Horace & Erna Mende
Horace Porter Genealogy


Edwin Mende - Elsie Porter Mende

Families:  Porter-Mende-Karnbach-Guhl-Musy

famille Mende, Karnbach, Guhl et Musy

(from left to right):
Hugo Karnbach, Mausi Mende-Moser, Irene Moser,  Erna Mende-Musy, Mollie Mende-Karnbach, Karin Guhl, Martin Moser,  Cedric Guhl, Jean-Christophe Musy and Catherine Moser.

Thank you to Madame Karin Guhl-Schindler, Messieurs Cedric Guhl and Jean-Christophe Musy, great grand children of  General Horace Porter for the photos and genealogical information on the family Mende-Porter.

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