Cup of Nations - Hannover 1935
Pierre Musy

The "Grand-Prix of Nations" was the largest German military cavalry event and, at the same time, one of the most important international competition of the 1930 decade.  Since 1934, Switzerland participated in this venue at the invitation of the German Ministry.

In 1934 victory was achieved by Lieutenant Pierre Musy who rode his horse "Salam", sired by "Hazereh" and "Sagacité", from the French stables of Mr. Achille Fould.

In 1935, in Hannover, Pierre Musy won again the event with "Melniz", sired by "Rialto" and "Magnolita".   This winning horse was obtained from the Stables of Mr. Alphen Salvador.  The Gold cup of the Grand-Prix of Nations was given to Mr. Musy by General von Blomberg.

Pierre Musy and Melnitz
Pierre Musy

Pierre Musy and "Seigneur/Lord"   Endurance Trial - 1941 Morges Switzerland

Hanover Cup of Nations
Pierre Musy
Pierre Musy

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