Pierre Musy - Equestrian and Olympic champion
Pierre Musy

Pierre Musy was born on the 25 of August 1910 in Albeuve (Switzerland), the eldest of seven children.  His father, Dr. Jean-Marie MUSY, was a Swiss federal councilor and President (1925-1930) of Switzerland.  His mother, Juliette Musy de Meyer, was the daughter of the Count Jules de Meyer.

After graduating from St.-Michel college in Fribourg, Pierre received his law degree from the University of Berne.  From 1931 to 1939 he worked in the banking world.  At first he is employed by the Remonte fédérale, and later as a technical collaborator for the general staff.

He began his military career which would lead him to the rank of brigadier colonel (general) in the Swiss army.   He was the commander of the "dragoon squadron 5", and later the regiment of "motorized dragoons-1."

Pierre Musy
Erna Musy

In 1936 Pierre married Miss Erna Mende-Porter (1908-2001), the grand-daughter of  General Horace PORTER (1837-1921), aide-de-camp to General Ulysses Grant - Union Army.    From the marriage of Pierre and Erna Musy four children were born (familly tree):  Jean-Pierre, Jean-Christophe, Jean-Louis († 1997) and Anne-Marie.

In 1951 Mr. P. Musy was appointed Swiss military attaché in Teheran, in 1954 in Paris, followed by Brussels up to 1961.  During 1962 he returned to Switzerland to work for the general staff in Bern as chief of the intelligence and defense section.

Pierre Musy was an "out of the ordinary" sportsman and obtained several notable titles.  In 1936, at the Olympic games of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, at the wheel of a four-man bobsled "Suisse II" he won the Gold Medal.

He was also an outstanding horseman as, on two occasions, he won the coveted  Cup of Nations in Hannover (Germany).

Following his retirements in the nineteen-seventies, he was the President of the "Football club of Fribourg" (Swizerland).  Pierre Musy passed away on   November 21, 1990 at the age of 80 years

Pierre Musy - Olympic Gold Medal
Pierre and Erna Musy
Pierre Musy


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